Remote work, also referred to as work-from-home, work-from-anywhere, telework, remote job, mobile work, and distance work is the practice of employees doing their jobs from a location other than a central office operated by the employer.

During the Covid Pandemic the work dynamic has changed around the world.

Many companies that didn’t even have positions or services that can be handled remotely had been forced to be creative and reinvent themself to be able to survive in business, also be able to provide safety for their clients through contactless options.

For some people this was a wonderful change since they were able to spend more time with their families at home, avoid hours and stress in traffic through the commute and less preparation time to leave home. For some it wasn’t ideal, especially when the whole family had to deal with work and entertainment for the kids at the same time since every family member was at home 24/7 and work needed to be done and meetings to attend.

Even though the foundation of this change wasn’t the idyllic situation to go through, many companies realized that it was a beneficial change since many of them didn’t need an office or a physical place to work from, so in turn, they saved in rental fees and other expenses.  Many businesses even closed their offices after realizing with modern technology where most people own a smartphone and/or a laptop, it wasn’t necessary to go to the office when everything could be done from anywhere with a good Wi-Fi connection.

It quickly became the new normal and especially an effective way to save time for busy people, from meetings held on Zoom or Microsoft Team to Real Estate virtual showings where no person physically needed to be physically present to keep the business running.



For some people, it is not the best option as they are less productive, but for the majority professional studies show that people can be even more productive working from home and happier and guarantee job satisfaction, work-life balance, physical health, and comfortable work environment. At the end of the day, you are the one who pays the consequences if the job is not being done, either as a business owner, executive, or employee.

Many companies or industries now have the option to work from anywhere which gives many families or individuals the option to combine personal life, time off, gateways, or even some vacation time or social obligations and make everyone’s life easier while you are still on the clock.

If you have a wedding in San Diego, a High School or College reunion, are visiting family or friends, a sports tournament for the kids, or even if you plan a retreat for your close team, but still have business to attend to, we have many options for you.

To stay inspired , there is nothing better than working remotely at a beach house!! I can guarantee you that you will feel much more inspired and hopefully the work will be done. 


Tower 36 in Carlsbad

Haustay manages three magnificent and fabulous properties in Carlsbad: Tower 36, Shore Drive, Terramar Beach House, and Ocean Victorian, all of them with a designated work desk area and a priceless view of the ocean!

Within close proximity to the Carlsbad Village to take a break between emails and spreadsheets, the Village offers a variety of coffee shops for a caffeine booster, restaurants, or just take a walk to the beach to unwind! And minutes away from Legoland in case the little ones need to get some energy out.


Ocean view from the reading nook at Ocean Victorian

If you find you need privacy for a business call, you can get lost and find privacy in one of the 9 bedrooms that Ocean Victorian house has to offer, and do not miss the beautiful ocean view and hear that inspiring sound from the waves.


Designated work area at Casa Pacifica

Located in Oceanside, Casa Pacifica and 7 Palms will inspire you and give you the boost of beach energy that you need to keep going. 

Casa Pacifica is oceanfront and within walking distance from Oceanside’s main streets while 7 Palms, is in a residential area, still with a beautiful ocean view from the living room. This mid-century modern luxury home won San Diego Home & Garden Magazine’s Best Remodel in 2008. You will feel much more inspired by your Zoom or Teams meeting!


Cozy living space with desk at Seascape Sur

If you are looking to be centrally located in San Diego, our newly remodeled Seascape Sur property in Solana Beach will surpass your expectations! This oceanfront property will have you getting your work done while feeling the ocean breeze.

Be sure to check out the options on our website! We can’t wait to host you!

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