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Haustay is your Premier Airbnb Property Management Partner

Whether you are a property investor, or someone who simply wants to make some spare cash from your second home - you need to market your vacation home correctly. If you're looking into listing your property on Airbnb, how your listing is constructed and managed matters. Here's how Haustay can help you maximize your revenue with Airbnb.

The Haustay Airbnb Experience

Haustay is one of the most experienced Airbnb property management companies in the San Diego area. We manage a carefully curated collection of over $40M in vacation rental homes along the beautiful pacific coastline. Our portfolio features 100% fully furnished vacation rentals that provide premium guest experiences down to the final detail. Haustay’s mission is to provide five-star service to both their clients and guests.

Locally Owned and Operated

Haustay founders Nick & Elisa Foster are long time Carlsbad residents and vacation rental operators. They fully understand the vacation rental market in San Diego and appreciate why more than thirty-five million people visit this area each year. As San Diego is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, local knowledge is crucial when it comes to marketing and managing your property.

Haustay Five-Star Guest Reviews

Agreements & Security Deposits Are Collected for Every Guest

Attention to detail is paramount. When bookings are made, Haustay will be looking out for you and your property every step of the way. They’ll collect signed rental agreements and ensure security deposits are collected from the guest before any guest actually arrives.

Distinguished Reputation Online and Offline — Over 500+ 5-star Airbnb Review

Haustay has maintained Airbnb Superhost status for over four years now. Haustay is a recognized part of the vacation rental community in greater San Diego as a member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce, and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being a member of three local chambers of commerce with a sterling reputation in the area, Haustay is also a champion vacation rental operator online with over 500 5-star reviews on Airbnb.

Total Value of Vacation Rental Properties Under Management

Create More Free Time with Help from a Professional Airbnb Property Management Company Like Haustay

If you are already busy, the last thing you want to do is spend valuable time working on managing your vacation rental property. Managing your property takes a lot of time and a diverse skill set tackling tasks such as online marketing, property maintenance, customer service, accounting, and being ready for those last-minute hiccups. When you outsource your Airbnb property management to Haustay, you’ll get more free time to concentrate on what matters to you.

Optimize Your Listing and Utilize Creative Marketing

There are thousands of other property owners competing for their slice of the market, so you need to ensure that your Airbnb stands out. We employ various creative marketing tactics to help bring in the best guests and to maximize your revenue.

Utilizing Best Practices in Listing Management

When prospective guests first come across your listing, content matters. As a member of Vacation Rental Management Association (“VRMA”) we utilize best vacation rental management practices and ensure that each listing is unique and descriptive, from the heading to the rest of the copy. We always include plenty of high-quality photos to showcase your property in its best light and photos of local attractions.

Customized Marketing and Promotion

We partner with multiple channels to promote your vacation rental property in San Diego. Channels such as Airbnb, VRBO,, HomesToGo, and Houfy. We also promote content on a number of social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to Airbnb, when your property is managed by Haustay it will be listed on multiple platforms to get the highest exposure to the market possible.

Professional Photography

Without high-quality photos, people are simply left to imagine the space. We need to ensure they can put themselves inside your property before they even book. We sell vacations. We only use the most experienced and capable professional photographers and generate the best-quality imagery to make your property shine.

Don’t Worry About Dealing with Reservations and Client Communication! We Got It!

The period between initial reservation and client arrival can be quite busy. Some clients may have special requirements, which may involve some back-and-forth communication. Others may have last-minute changes or questions about the community, attractions, etc. When you choose Haustay for your Airbnb property management, you won’t need to worry about any of those details as we will take care of it.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services

When promoting your vacation rental property through high-quality photos, you have to ensure that when guests arrive the unit looks like the photos. Haustay has a team of experienced cleaners and a post-cleaning inspection process to make sure the property is reset to look like the photos. This helps us continue to receive five-star reviews from guests, time and time again.

Property Inspections and Quality Assurance Are Our Strength

Our experienced team will do a walk-through of each property between rentals and look for any issues. If needed, they will bring in a standby team of top-class contractors to perform any maintenance. We are committed to quality with attention to detail.

Professional Housekeeping

We have a team of enthusiastic and experienced housekeepers, well used to working with deadlines. They will ensure that your property is spotless, no matter how little time there is between one client moving out and another arriving.

Superior Property Care

Routine maintenance is crucial if your property is to maintain its stunning appearance. Our management team will be on the lookout for any issues and advise you if the property needs any more significant maintenance. We believe in being proactive to try and avoid any problems before they arise.

Committed to Revenue Growth

At Haustay, our primary goal is to maximize the opportunities for each property owner, and we are committed to growing revenue year on year. Our aim is to try and fill your property with high-quality guests, and we will leave no stone unturned in this quest.

Why Choose Haustay for Your Airbnb Property Management Rentals?

If you are looking for the best Airbnb property management team, Haustay is at your service.


We have a team of local, experienced staff members who all know the San Diego market very well. They have managed a range of properties and handled all types of guests, so they’re ready to spring into action for you. Check out some of our client testimonials to hear from others we have served.


We always set realistic, fair, and transparent fees and want you to be happy with your arrangement. There will never be any hidden fees. We will inform you upfront about these costs, so you will always know where you are.

Cancellation Options

We won’t tie you into any long-term agreements. So, if you want to cancel, we will handle this fairly and promptly.

An Airbnb Property Management Checklist for the Perfect Contract

When you open up your vacation home to a stranger, you must ensure that you have a watertight contract. This will protect you and let the other party know exactly what to expect. With a comprehensive contract, they will be clear about what they can and cannot do.

1. Always Read the Contract Thoroughly

Before you consider using an “off-the-shelf” contract (and there are many of these around), ensure that you read the fine print thoroughly — remember, any mistake could turn out to be costly. Our team will be delighted to advise you.

2. Figure Out Expectations As Soon As Possible

You’ll want to avoid confusion at every stage of the process and ensure that the other party knows exactly what to expect before they arrive. A carefully worded contract means that if there are any questions, they can be answered as soon as possible.

3. You Don’t Want to Forget These in Your Property Management Contract

Your Airbnb property management contract must lay out certain conditions and responsibilities without any room for “interpretation.”

4. Service & Fees

You must be very clear about what you are providing and what they will get in return. Make a list of the services a guest will receive and how much they will have to pay for them.

5. Clear-cut Responsibilities of the Property Owner

So there can be no doubt, clarify your responsibilities. You should also refer to any limitations and ensure that a guest does not anticipate something that you are unable or unwilling to provide.

6. Liability Insurance

You must have liability insurance to cover you if a guest sustains an injury during their stay at your property. You may want to include a liability waiver if the property has a swimming pool.

7. Reasonable Care Clause

Make it clear that guests must take reasonable care when they are on your property. In other words, you expect them to look after your furnishings, fittings, and the property in general. Consider adding a section that may make them liable for damages.

8. Duration of the Contract

Clearly state the arrival and departure dates and times and point out that there is no leeway when it comes to departure.

9. Conditions for Termination

Here, you will state your red lines. For example, you have the right to terminate the contract if they bring in additional guests not listed in the contract, host some kind of party without prior approval, etc.

What Will You Pay for Airbnb Property Management in Carlsbad?

As you work out whether to retain a professional Airbnb property management company, you will be weighing up all the options. One important factor is cost, and you'll want to know how Haustay calculates its charges.

Size of the Rental

You need to consider the property's overall size, as this can have a bearing on various costs. For example, you can expect to pay more to clean a larger property with a pool.

Type of Property

You may expect to budget more for routine and periodic maintenance if you have a large, beachside house complete with a pool and jacuzzi. On the other hand, maintenance costs may be much lower if you have a condominium in an existing development that offers shared facilities to all guests.

Extent of Services

Figure out what types of services you require and how many vacation rental properties you own. Each property must be independently marketed and managed if you are to get the ultimate return from your property portfolio.

Location of the Rental

It’s much easier to manage a vacation rental home if you live nearby. However, many investors do not live in the vicinity and should carefully consider how much it’ll cost (in real terms) if they do not use a property management company. In addition to keeping an eye on the property in between rentals, you could face unexpected and significant costs if you need to rush to the property to take care of a last-minute emergency.

Property Condition

You must ensure that your property is always kept in first-class condition. You cannot afford to get any negative reviews as this could significantly affect your success rate. As such, you can expect a certain amount of routine maintenance costs, periodic painting, and other chores. All of this work needs to be coordinated, supervised, and managed correctly.

We Are With You at Every Step of the Way on Your Airbnb Property Management Journey

The vacation rental market in San Diego is nothing if not competitive, but don’t let that scare you off. You can be successful, whether you have one property to market or several, so long as you choose the best Airbnb property management company you can find. Haustay is ready and willing to stand in your corner and be with you at every step of your journey as you bring your vacation rental property into the picture. We will help you market, manage, and maintain your place and prepare you for success.

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