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VRBO Property Management

VRBO Property Management

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VRBO Property Management

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Haustay Is Your Premier Property Management Partner

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Haustay is your Premier VRBO
Property Management Partner

Suppose you’ve made an effort to buy a nice property in the San Diego market and you want to take advantage of the buoyant vacation rental market. In that case, you will need to maximize your opportunities. And if you want to explore the exciting world of VRBO, property management will be key. So how can Haustay help you achieve your VRBO vacation rental goals?

If You Value Your Free Time, You Will Look for Help From a Professional VRBO Property Management Company Like Haustay

When you bought your investment property, you were likely looking for an asset that could provide you with ongoing income without hassle. You have plenty of other calls on your time and cannot afford to compromise your valuable downtime with property maintenance or management issues. Trust the professionals at Haustay to do all this work for you.


What Does a VRBO Property Manager Do?

We offer a range of services, from providing you with your online account to working with the city on permits and regulations. In addition, we will give you a comprehensive marketing service and a breakdown of the financial performance of your property.

Sets the Correct Rental Rates

The experienced team at Haustay keeps a weather eye on local market conditions in greater San Diego. We make sure that we optimize the rental rates to keep track of market fluctuations in this dynamic vacation market. As a result, you can be sure that your rental rates will always be fair and attractive and that you’ll never be at a disadvantage compared to other owners in the area.

Markets Your Property

Haustay offers you a comprehensive marketing service. We put your property in front of millions of guests through the VRBO channel and our website. We send our professional photographers to showcase your property in its glory and carefully curate your online listing. Also, we send out emails as part of a targeted marketing campaign to hundreds of prior guests and will amplify your property through all our social media channels.

Create a Direct Booking Site

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for people to book your property when they fall in love with it, and we will create a direct booking site dedicated to your vacation house alone. Your guests can handle every element of their booking through this portal, allowing us to manage each one of them accordingly.

High-Quality Guest Screening

While you will want to maximize your rental opportunities, you will also want to know who is staying on your property. We ensure that your place can only be occupied by the person who originates the booking and their guests, and we will need to approve them in advance. We don’t allow occupancy to exceed the maximum capacity, nor do we allow overnight guests if they are not part of the original reservation. Furthermore, we don’t allow animals , parties, or events unless you specifically allow them. Finally, we insist on no smoking or drug consumption and reserve the right to evict upon violation.

Manage the Repairs and Home Maintenance

From time to time, things break, and most guests will understand if they encounter a plumbing problem or similar issue during their stay. The test of a good management company is how quickly it deals with any repairs, and we will spring into action immediately as soon as we become aware. We only employ the highest quality contractors who are ready to fix any issues promptly. Other than that, we will ensure that the home is always kept in good condition and negotiate with you regarding preventative maintenance.

Curating a 5-star experience for your tenants

We aim to get repeat clients to help maximize your rental opportunities, which is why we insist on curating a gold-star experience for your tenants. Of course, if they are not happy, we’ll want to know why and will take urgent steps to rectify any situation. But we will put every effort into giving your guests the best treatment from the moment they get in touch to when they head home. We’re confident we can achieve these goals and happy that our customers agree. Check out some of these testimonials to see what we mean.


What Will You Pay for VRBO Property Management?

As you weigh up your options, you’ll want to know how much it will likely cost for your VRBO property management in San Diego. You need to consider several factors as you decide how to proceed.

Size of the Rental

The larger the property, the more active property management might be. The structure will cost more to maintain throughout the year, and you may need a larger team of cleaners to ensure it’s in the perfect condition between rentals.

Type of Property

Certain properties will cost more to maintain and manage than others, so you will need to take this into account. After all, if you have a sprawling beachside house with a pool, expect to pay more for maintenance and upkeep than if you have a smaller apartment elsewhere.

Extent of Services

You’ll need to allocate resources for individual management and maintenance if you own multiple vacation rental properties. In addition, each one will need to be independently promoted so that you can get the maximum return from your portfolio.

Location of the Rental

Certainly, looking after a rental property can be easier when you live close to its location. However, living far away means you also need to factor in time and transportation costs. A local property management company will be better placed to deal with any urgent issues that may arise.

Property Condition

If you are to succeed in the world of vacation rentals, your property must always be in first-class condition. This will involve preventive maintenance, periodic painting, and other chores, which must be coordinated and managed properly.

What We Offer

5-Star Guest Reviews

Haustay has over 1,100 five-star guests reviews and has maintained AirBnB Superhost & VRBO Premier Partner status for 16 quarters and counting.

24/7 Guest Support

Haustay is committed to providing excellent customer service to your guests, day or night.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Track your earnings, retrieve monthly statements, and block dates for your own use.

Dedicated Local Team

Long-term North County vacation rental experts, cleaners, handymen, and a network of trades.

Innovative Property Marketing

Multi-channel marketing, dynamic pricing, curated interior design, professional photography, and social media branding.

Help With Permits & Regulations

Don’t stress about city permits & regulations. We’re here to help.

Finance & Bookkeeping

We take care of financial reports, bookkeeping for the property, and track itemized expenses for you.

Attention To Detail

Get peace of mind knowing that we’ve got all the granular property management details covered.

Let Haustay Work With Your Reservations and Client Communication

From the moment somebody expresses interest in your property to when they turn the key in the front door, communication is everything. Your guests will want to know that they have someone responsive on the other end who will quickly and effectively deal with any additional requests or last-minute issues. Haustay will handle this seamlessly by managing your reservation professionally from start to finish. Check out our guest FAQ section to discover some of the ways that we work with your guests.

Weighing Convenience Against Cost

Don’t underestimate the time and effort it may take to manage a vacation property successfully. Above that, think about the inconvenience and the hassle when something goes wrong. If you take this on yourself, you may have to be on call 24/7 just in case.

What Our Guests Are Saying


Brett T.

Owner Of Hacienda Terramar

Haustay are ALL STARS!!! Honestly, no one ever wants to have to research getting a new Property Manager, but Nick and his team have made this a painless task. I was looking to drive up rental income on my vacation rental property in Carlsbad and contacted Nick and his team. The pandemic gave me more time in my schedule than usual and I was able to meet Nick at the rental property shortly after our first contact. His professionalism, attention to detail and projections for revenue sold me on using Haustay immediately. Since then I have been impressed every step of the way. Nick and Elisa are a solid ownership team all with different strengths that, combined, make for a winning Team. Their knowledge of how to best position your property for short term vacation rental success is superior and they have been instrumental in guiding me how best to set up the property, marketing the property and driving revenue. They are a FULL SERVICE, one stop shop for Property Management that pays attention to the details. Thank you for your support and help Haustay, I couldn't have asked for more!


Aaron F.

Owner of Costa Balboa

When I decided to rent out my property as a full time vacation rental a friend referred me to Nick and Haustay Vacation Rentals. I am happy that we made the connection. Haustay as over delivered on my expectations of the financial performance of my property. So much so I purchased a second property for Haustay to manage. You will not regret having Haustay manage your vacation rental!


Shawna M.

Owner of Del Mar Shores

My husband and I purchased an oceanfront condo in Solana Beach in 2019 and we hired the largest vacation rental property manager in San Diego (not Haustay) to manage our property. After a year under their management we were unhappy. Their constant employee turnover, inconsistent cleaning quality, and sub-par revenue performance led us to seek out new management. We interviewed a few managers and ultimately went with Haustay and we have been very happy with their performance. They make sure our property is well maintained for, they have been out performing our previous manager in monthly revenue, and are easy to work with. We would highly recommend Haustay Vacation Rentals to any property owner looking for a reliable property manager who you can trust.


Jess S.

Owner Of La Costa Chateau

I have been very happy with Haustay Vacation Rentals and how they have managed my property. They keep me informed of any maintenance needed at the property, they fix things promptly, and really it has saved me so much time…


Tom & Tina T.

Owners of Silver Surf Getaway

I've been a landlord for almost 40 years but completely new to the vacation rental market. Decided to give it a try in Oceanside with our newly purchased condo. My local realtor lives next to Nick and Elisa and made the introduction. Our goal was to get this on the market within 45 days of purchase. Nick gave us a list of items to curate the condo, and we followed it to the letter. The amenities suggested make us stand out from others. We were up and running within our target goal and now have 31, 5 star reviews, and averaging over 70% occupancy. Being an out-of-state owner we have peace of mind and comfort knowing HAUSTAY is handling everything, and we have been absolutely thrilled!!! Our place has a great location near the beach etc with all the cool amenities, so do many others, but what makes our place special is Nick and Elisa's attention to guest details. Almost every review mentions them and how happy they are with their stay. We had not been down here for 9 months and just returned for a winter stay. The place was as clean and neat as we left it. The cleaning crew has not left a crumb or spec of dust, immaculate care!

We considered much larger firms to handle this property and not one of them could offer the touch we get from HAUSTAY.


Bradley B.

Owner of Shore Drive

I previously had a large vacation rental management company manage my oceanfront home. I found my property was lost in their portfolio and both the property and I were not getting the attention we deserved. I started seeking out new management and I am very happy I found Nick and Haustay Vacation Rentals. They have been very professional to work with, the transition in management was not as difficult as I anticipated, and I feel my house is now in better hands with more attentive managers than before. Nick is so much more responsive than the prior managers who seemed to favor their owned properties.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and his team at Haustay Vacation Rentals to other property owners seeking qualified, professional, vacation rental management.

The Haustay
VRBO Experience

Locally Owned and Operated

When you trust Haustay to manage your property through VRBO, you won’t be dealing with some remote company in a far-off state. The founders, Nick & Elisa Foster, and their team reside in Carlsbad. Their team is always on hand to take care of any issues and, crucially, they are local vacation rental market experts. They understand that 35 million people visit San Diego each year, making it one of the top 10 visitor destinations in the US. They know what guests are looking for so hosts can receive five-star reviews.

Rental Policy Enforcement

You will want to put your property in the hands of a strong and professional organization that will stand up for your rights and insist that your home is well cared for. Haustay will always enforce strict rental policies and ensure that each short-term tenant is aware of their obligations. In addition to a signed rental agreement, Haustay requires security deposits from all guests who stay at Haustay managed properties.

Distinguished Reputation Online and Offline

As a company, Haustay is a proud pillar of the local community. Haustay is a member of three chambers of commerce at Solana Beach, Oceanside, and Carlsbad and has a sterling reputation in the area. The management team has built this reputation offline and online and believes we are best placed to serve you and look after your property.

We Offer Creative Marketing
and Will Optimize Your Rental Listing

Travelers have many options available to them, and you’ll want to ensure that your property stands out. When Haustay takes care of your VRBO property management, we will optimize your rental listing on the platform and be creative in our approach to marketing. In addition we market on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Reservations and Group Sales

When someone decides to book, they expect the process to be as easy and seamless as possible. We’ll ensure they are not disappointed and handle their inquiry professionally and swiftly. If the booking is part of a larger group, we’ll coordinate just as efficiently and ensure that the group size is always appropriate for your property.

Customized Marketing and Promotion

Your vacation home needs to stand out in a competitive marketplace, and we know how to do this properly. We’ll create a compelling headline and use attractive, professionally produced photos to grab each traveler’s attention. We know all the ways to pique a visitor’s curiosity to ensure that an interested party stops clicking and starts concentrating.

Professional Photography

In this industry, people buy with their eyes. Certainly, they may be attracted by the general destination and the lure of the Pacific Ocean, but they want to put themselves in that property before they reserve it. We know how crucial professional photography is and employ the finest artists to achieve that goal.

Why Choose Haustay for Your VRBO Property Management Rentals?

You have other choices when it comes to VRBO property management in San Diego, but we want you to choose Haustay.


Our entire team is hand-picked for their experience. They know the San Diego location and market inside out, so they can deliver the best work and strive to maximize your opportunity. Meet our team members here.


We ensure that our fees are fair, realistic, and transparent. We want you to be happy with our service, and you can be sure that there will never be any hidden fees. We will inform you upfront about our management and property-specific leasing fees, so you’ll know what to expect.

Cancellation Options

If you ever need to cancel your agreement with us, we will attend to this promptly and fairly. We will advise you of your cancellation options up front so you can make your decision to work with Haustay with full transparency.


Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Your property must look like a million dollars at all times. It must be spotless when guests arrive and kept that way during their stay. Haustay takes this piece of the puzzle very seriously, and we always inspect each property at the last minute before someone moves in. If there are any maintenance issues, we deal with those quickly too.

Safety Inspections and Quality Assurance Is Our Strength

When guests are staying in your home, there is a duty of responsibility for their safety. Again, we take this very seriously and conduct rigorous safety inspections at regular intervals. This is just one part of our commitment to quality assurance at every stage of the process.

Professional Housekeeping

Haustay employs experienced, capable, and enthusiastic housekeeping staff. We ensure they are motivated to do a good job and take pride in the finished result.

Superior Property Care

Every property will need some tender, loving care from time to time. So, we have a rota of skilled craftsmen available at short notice to deal with any problems that arise. We also have a management team who will regularly run through a property maintenance checklist and liaise with you if they need to recommend any significant work.


Committed To Revenue Growth

At Haustay, VRBO property management is one of our core specialties. We do our utmost to capitalize on the opportunities to grow our operation and maximize rental income for our clients. As a result, you can be sure that we are committed to growth and will do whatever it takes to promote, manage, and fill your property.

Should You Hire Haustay
for VRBO Property Management?

Are you looking for a turnkey solution that involves all aspects of the renting process? Do you want a team to help with marketing, repairs, and maintenance? Is it important to work with a company that ensures that each guest adheres to the rules? If so, turn to Haustay for your VRBO property management in San Diego.

You Should Hire a VRBO
Property Management Company if…

  1. You may struggle with marketing and are unsure how to spread the word effectively.
  2. You don’t want to dedicate the time to self-hosting.
  3. You might live far from the location of your rental property and cannot keep a close eye on everything.
  4. You have enough room within your financial projections to dedicate a certain percentage of your revenues to management fees.


Hiring a VRBO Property Management Company Is Not for You if…

  • You want to learn how to market your properties and educate yourself about the San Diego vacation rental scene.
  • You live near the property and can handle the quality control.
  • You’ve got all the time in the world to manage your portfolio and optimize your processes.
  • You don’t mind learning as you go.
  • You are a micromanager and don’t like to see others making some key decisions related to your properties. 

Contact Haustay For Oceanside Property Management

If you’re looking for a VRBO property management company in San Diego, we invite you to work with Haustay. We have extensive experience managing all types of vacation rental properties, from small condos to multiple duplexes. Join the range of other satisfied customers who entrust us to manage their fully furnished properties in San Diego county.

We’ve Got You Covered

As VRBO’s premiere property management partner, we know how to get your property booked.

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