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Working with a Carlsbad property management company can benefit you if you are looking to rent your home or condo in California. This is especially true if you have multiple rental units or if you do not live close to your rental property. Let’s look more closely at how you can benefit by engaging a property management company in Carlsbad, San Diego.

At Haustay, we know that many investment property owners are looking for change. They are looking for innovative ideas and experienced, hands-on property managers to manage their vacation rental. They want local knowledge & expertise, higher occupancy, better returns, and more freedom to do the things they enjoy.

We also know the struggle it can be to find quality property management. We’ve found companies with seemingly low management commissions but hidden add-on fees, companies with high employee-turnover rates, and companies with antiquated “set-it-and-forget-it” pricing strategies.

There had to be a better solution for property owners, which is why we set out to create Haustay, where owners work directly with our co-founders, encounter no hidden fees, and see higher returns with our dynamic, market demand-based pricing strategies. We also offer full-service set-up and curated interior design services for new-to-market rental properties or to elevate the marketability of your current property.

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What We Offer You As The Property Owner

Property management companies like Haustay Vacation Rentals provide turn-key services to property owners, one service of which is handling all interaction with guests. Such companies manage almost every aspect of the renting process including collecting rent, cleaning fees, taxes, marketing your properties, handling repair and maintenance issues, and taking disciplinary action against guests when necessary. Working with a property management company helps to reduce your stress and save you time especially if you live far from your rental property.

If this is your first time renting a property, then working with a management company can be advantageous for many reasons. They bring to the table knowledge, experience, and expertise when it comes to managing your property. This provides you peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. Also, being an independent contractor, a property management company does not require you to manage any employee which takes away the stress associated with being an employer. No need to carry Workers Comp insurance, oversee payroll, etc.

What Does A Property Management Company Do?

  • Your own online account that lets you track your earnings, retrieve monthly statements, and block dates for your own use.
  • City permitting and regulations assistance.
  • Finance reporting and bookkeeping for the property, including tracking itemized expenses.
  • Comprehensive marketing services which includes:
    • Profesionally photographed and curated online listings.
    • Exposure to over 144M guests through major booking channels like AirBnB, VRBO, and our own
    • Dynamic Pricing that changes daily to maximize revenue based on market demand.
    • Targeted e-mail marketing to hundreds of prior guests.
    • Social media amplification of your property on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

At Haustay we understand the wants and needs of vacation rental property owners because we are vacation rental property owners. We’ve studied the market extensively, tested unique strategies, and we have perfected a formula for success on our own investment properties before applying it to others.

As a result we have over 700 five-star reviews on AirBnB & VRBO!  We also have maintained AirBnB Superhost status for 16 consecutive quarters and we are a VRBO Premier Host.

Total Value of Vacation Rental Properties Under Management

Our proven methodology has led to a diverse and continually growing portfolio of top-performing rentals. We’ve set a high standard of returning maximum capital to home owners and we’d love the opportunity to raise the bar on your vacation rental property. Haustay currently has over ten-million dollars in property value under management in the cities of Carlsbad, Solana Beach, and Oceanside, California.

What We Offer Your Guests

  • A consistently clean and well maintained vacation rental during their stay.
  • 24/7 guest customer support before, during, and after their stay.
  • Local assistance in the event they need a property manager to visit the property.
  • Five-star customer service.

When Should You Hire A Property Management Company In Carlsbad?


While it is beneficial to hire a property management company, it might be an expensive investment depending on which contractor you choose to work with. There are various types of fees that a property management company might charge. Some companies may charge only one type of fee while others could charge many types of fees. When deciding to invest in a property management company, therefore, it is essential to determine whether you can afford to do the same.

Traditionally, there is a management fee which property managers charge for their monthly services. This fee is mostly a flat percentage; in Carlsbad, the average percentage for vacation rental property management services is between 20 - 35%. Services offered for the management fee include 24/7 customer service and maintenance, monthly accounting, communication with guests, property evaluation, etc.

Leasing Fees

Another fee is the leasing fee which includes the cost of marketing, preparing, and leasing the property. Initially, a management company will assess your property and make necessary recommendations on aspects that require repair and improvement. They will take pictures and videos of your home for marketing. Once tenants have been identified, property managers will draft the lease and assist with move-in and billing. Such services are covered under the leasing fee which ranges anywhere from zero to about half of one month’s rent.

Some property management companies also charge maintenance and repair fees. Other miscellaneous fees that you might expect to pay in San Diego include lease renewal fees, eviction fees, and vacancy fees. If you can afford to pay the fees, hiring a property management company is a great investment for your rental units.

Number of rental units

Many landlords in San Diego own multiple rental units. While that seems profitable, it is not always easy to manage multiple properties on your own. Working with a property management company instead makes it easier to manage multiple rental spaces simultaneously.

Distance from rental unit

Location is another factor which determines how well you can supervise your rental units. If you live close to your rental space, then it is easier to manage your property. However, if you live far, a property management company can better address the issues that you might not be able to handle from afar.

Time constraint

Many landlords find interest in undertaking the tasks of managing rental spaces on their own. They like to be involved in everything from tenant screening to overseeing property repairs by themselves. If you are someone who views rental spaces like an investment and does not wish to be involved in hands-on activities, it is better to work with a property management company.

Even those who prefer to stay personally involved in the upkeep of their properties may struggle to find time to accomplish all tasks. This is especially true if you have another job in addition to being a landlord. Working with a property management company can not only take care of this issue but it can also help you to grow your rental business.

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If you are searching for a property managing company in Carlsbad, San Diego, consider working with Haustay property management. Whether you own a condo or multiple duplexes, Haustay is experienced at managing all types of vacation rental properties. Haustay currently manages fully furnished properties located within a short drive from popular San Diego County tourist destinations. For more information, visit the Haustay website. You can also reach out to them via email at or call 858.522.9127.

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