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Owning a vacation rental property can be a rewarding and lucrative experience, however, for many it is time consuming and at times stressful. Most property owners have a full-time job and life outside of owning real estate. It therefore makes sense to hire Haustay Vacation Rentals for vacation rental property management to help make a property owner’s experience more pleasant and profitable. Haustay addresses essential landlord obligations such as property marketing, guest interaction, cleaning, property inspections, property maintenance, and has the experience and expertise to manage your property with five-star service and to increase cash flow.

What does Haustay Vacation Rentals offer? 

At Haustay we offer you a uniquely curated collection of coastal vacation rentals to provide you the best vacation experience possible. From an oceanfront home with private beach access to a collection of condos within walking distance to five-star resort amenities. All Haustay properties are fully furnished and are designed to make the most of the guest experience from check-in to check-out.

All our vacation rentals are a short drive from popular San Diego County tourist destinations such as Legoland, the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park.

The Haustay Collection

What Does A Vacation Rental Manager Do?

At Haustay, we think you should be able to enjoy your vacation rental while maintaining your freedom to not be a servant to your property. Our local vacation rental experts and cutting-edge technology collaborate to help you generate more money while maintaining the best level of service in each house, each stay, and each time.

We provide dependable vacation rental home administration in Carlsbad and the surrounding region. Our comprehensive set of services makes vacation home property management a breeze! We are committed to giving both our visitors and our property owners the greatest vacation rental experience possible. Do you only require housekeeping or repair activities for your vacation rental? It's no issue!  We endeavor to make you and your visitors' experiences as comfortable, convenient, and efficient as possible.

Haustay is dedicated to providing administration and booking services for Carlsbad property owners wishing to optimize their investment returns. This optimization can be through brief or periodic leases of their furnished rental property, in conjunction with our protracted rental service.

What Do Haustay Clients Say?

"I was looking to drive up rental income on my vacation rental property in Carlsbad and contacted Nick and his team. The pandemic gave me more time in my schedule than usual and I was able to meet Nick at the rental property shortly after our first contact. His professionalism, attention to detail and projections for revenue sold me on using Haustay immediately.  Since then I have been impressed every step of the way.  Nick and Elisa  are a solid ownership team all with different strengths that, combined, make for a winning Team. Their knowledge of how to best position your property for short term vacation rental success is superior and they have been instrumental in guiding me how best to set up the property, marketing the property and driving revenue. They are a FULL SERVICE, one stop shop for Property Management that pays attention to the details. Thank you for your support and help Haustay, I couldn't have asked for more!"

Brett T., Owner of Hacienda Terramar

“When I decided to rent out my property as a full time vacation rental a friend referred me to Nick and Haustay Vacation Rentals. I am happy that we made the connection. Haustay as over delivered on my expectations of the financial performance of my property. So much so I purchased a second property for Haustay to manage. You will not regret having Haustay manage your vacation rental!”

Aaron F.
owner of Costa Balboa

“My husband and I purchased an oceanfront condo in Solana Beach in 2019 and we hired the largest vacation rental property manager in San Diego (not Haustay) to manage our property. After a year under their management we were unhappy. Their constant employee turnover, inconsistent cleaning quality, and sub-par revenue performance led us to seek out new management. We interviewed a few managers and ultimately went with Haustay and we have been very happy with their performance. They make sure our property is well maintained for, they have been out performing our previous manager in monthly revenue, and are easy to work with. We would highly recommend Haustay Vacation Rentals to any property owner looking for a reliable property manager who you can trust.”

Shawna M.
owner of Del Mar Shores

"I have been very happy with Haustay Vacation Rentals and how they have managed my property. They keep me informed of any maintenance needed at the property, they fix things promptly, and really it has saved me so much time and stress. Having Haustay manage my property has freed up my time to do more things I enjoy without having to worry about my real estate. Haustay does an excellent job attracting bookings and providing a quality experience to guests."

Jess S.
owner of La Costa Chateau

"Being an out-of-state owner we have peace of mind and comfort knowing HAUSTAY is handling everything, and we have been absolutely thrilled!!!  Our place has a great location near the beach etc with all the cool amenities, so do many others, but what makes our place special is Nick and Elisa's attention to guest details.  Almost every review mentions them and how happy they are with their stay.  We had not been down here for 9 months and just returned for a winter stay.  The place was as clean and neat as we left it.  The cleaning crew has not left a crumb or spec of dust, immaculate care!

We considered much larger firms to handle this property and not one of them could offer the touch we get from HAUSTAY."

Tom & Tina T.
owners of Silver Surf Getaway 

“I previously had a large vacation rental management company manage my oceanfront home. I found my property was lost in their portfolio and both the property and I were not getting the attention we deserved. I started seeking out new management and I am very happy I found Nick and Haustay Vacation Rentals. They have been very professional to work with, the transition in management was not as difficult as I anticipated, and I feel my house is now in better hands with more attentive managers than before. Nick is so much more responsive than the prior managers who seemed to favor their owned properties.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and his team at Haustay Vacation Rentals to other property owners seeking qualified, professional, vacation rental management.”

Bradley B.
owner of Shore Drive

How Do We Do It?

As you manage Carlsbad vacation rentals, handling several bookings and coping with tenants who come and go may be a demanding task. This is why we handle all of these logistics for you. We shoot and produce professional photos to highlight your San Diego vacation rental property's best attributes and conveniences.

We work with scores of distribution providers to distribute your San Diego rental properties to a variety of short-term vacation rental internet websites and social networking platforms. This includes Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, HomesToGo, Housify, Instagram, and Facebook.

Additional Perks

Your San Diego vacation rentals will be successfully handled when you collaborate with the staff at Haustay, assuring fantastic holidays for your visitors and great profits for you.

Our Experience

Our team has over a decade of experience in the vacation rental industry. In the vacation rental sector, we understand what it takes to provide excellent customer service. Haustay's  Vacation Rentals has grown to become one of San Diego's most popular vacation rental management companies. .

All of our managers are locals who are well-versed in the neighborhoods and the culture. We make a conscious effort to visit each home and, if feasible, spend some considerable time in it so that we can rent it out with trust.

What Sets Us Apart From All The Rest

This is how we take better care of our properties than just about any other beach rental business:

  • We treat each property as if it were our own.
  • You are not just a number when you are a Haustay client. You get personal attention as the customer experience is paramount to our internal metric of client satisfaction.
  • Our properties are consistently maintained and improved on with the passage of time, instead of declining with wear and tear.

Thorough Visit Evaluation

When a guest departs your property, we do a post check-out inspection, report and rectify any issues if found.

Annual Examination

Annually we take inventory of items in the property, replenish them as required, and make repairs if needed.

Maintain The Property & Upkeep

Six months following the yearly assessment, we do proactive preventive upkeep on your property, replacing the cells in smoke alarms, fluorescent lamps, heating systems, purifiers, and tightening all door knobs and cupboards.

Important Information About The Process Of Renting

Before leasing your vacation rental property, you must be aware of the standard process at Haustay:

  • Rental payments and security deposits are collected from guests ahead of each stay, as are credit card transactions.
  • Protocols for check-in and check-out.
  • Inside every residence, there is a house manual providing information on the location, details about the property, and also a guide on the places to see and things to do.
  • During guest stays, answering queries and addressing service requests (24/7 responding line and letting agent accessibility).
  • Organizing and supervising any required maintenance.
  • Each rental stay includes maintenance, cleaning service coordinated by Haustay, and due diligence
  • Throughout periods of occupancy, site visits and maintenance checks are made on a regular basis.
  • Haustay handles the payments to all cleaning staff and vendors and passes through the appropriate expenses to the property owner.
  • By the tenth day of the month, you will get a distribution statement and an ACH transfer to your bank account.

Maintenance and financial assessments, their subsequent reports, and payments to local authorities for the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) are handled by Haustay.

List Of Vacation/Seasonal Rental Services At Haustay

  • Virtual tour and excellent photographs
  • Prices, vacancy calendar, and reservation engine for vacation/seasonal rentals
  • The property's promotion and advertising on a variety of vacation rental portals
  • Instant responses to all inquiries using a branded "autoresponder," as well as follow-up inquiries with the customer.
  • All tenants are screened to ensure that their needs and profile match the rental property.
  • Maintenance and handling of rental agreements (drafting vacation rental agreements and contracts)

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