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When it comes to travel trends, vacation rentals have been and are still on the rise in popularity and resorts and hotels are not making the cut anymore. Travelers worldwide are looking for a more authentic, individual and unique experience at their destination and go for vacation rentals. From private houses or even a shared room with locals, one quarter of people worldwide book vacation homes as an accommodation, with Airbnb being a new but already dominant player in the market according to a recent study.

According to Statista, in 2017, the number of adults using Airbnb in the United States amounted to 33.9 million, up from 29 million the previous year. This figure is forecasted to reach 45.6 million by 2022 and it is no wonder that Airbnb has nearly 5 million listings in more than 191 countries.


1. Staying in a vacation rental can save money. When you book a vacation home, you know exactly what your stay includes and exactly how much it will cost. There are no surprise fees for parking, internet, pool towels, bottled water, etc. Also, if you are staying with a group, the cost can easily be divided between friends and family, a cheaper alternative than pay-per-night rates for multiple rooms at a hotel.

Most hotels offer per night costs while a vacation rental has more flexibility with the length of stay, whether it be a few nights or a week’s stay. The longer the stay at a vacation rental, the nightly cost could average out to be less than the average hotel night’s stay.


2. You get more space. On average, the typical hotel room gives you about 400 square feet of space. The typical vacation rental home on average is around 2,000 square feet. The extra space in a vacation home can add more of an “at home” feel where you can stretch out and relax and not make you feel that you’re stuck in a tiny room with a bed.


3. Vacation rentals are available in more areas. Perhaps one of the best things about vacation rentals, is that they come in all shapes, styles and sizes in great locations. Wherever your heart desires an adventure, there is most likely a rental to fit your needs.  From apartments or residential homes to cabins, lodges, a-frames, chalets, houseboats, even tree houses and yurts, nearly every style of dwelling can be found in vacation rentals. 


La Costa Chateau
La Costa Chateau

4. Your own kitchen – Sure, we all love to dine out at restaurants, but, that can add up quickly especially when you factor in 3 meals a day. And sometimes, we enjoy breakfast in our pajamas, and you can’t go to a restaurant in your pj’s. At least, you shouldn’t.  Also, I find it easier to eat healthier meals when I prepare them myself. With your own fully equipped kitchen, you can stock your full-size fridge and freezer with groceries, snacks and cold refreshments. No reservations or change of clothes necessary.


5. Your furry friend can vacation too – While not all vacation homes allow pets, there are a number that do. Yes, many hotels now accept pets, too, but sometimes at the cost of a nice hotel room as they’re usually the less desirable rooms. And a house will give your pet more space. And if your dog gets nervous and barks late at night, your neighbors may be too far away to complain about the noise.


6. Better for groups – Vacation rentals allow for a better group setting. Not only will everyone have the luxury and comfort of lodging up together with places such as the living room, dining table or even backyard/pool to hang out in, but you’ll also save money sharing the cost of the property with friends or family. In a hotel, a large family or group of friends will be spread out among several rooms, possibly on different sides of the building.


7. Experience the area through a local’s eyes – Several travelers are looking for the chance to live more like the locals rather than being a tourist. With many vacation rentals in residential areas, it can allow you to really immerse yourself into experiencing what it is really like to live in that location allowing you to get relish the real local flavor of the place – including where to shop, where to find local entertainment, local restaurants, and the everyday quality of life in those locales.


8. Amenities – Vacation rentals normally provide a variety of amenities during your stay, such as free WIFI, a washing machine and dryer, a yard or patio (maybe even with a pool or hot tub), and a full kitchen. Research from TripAdvisor reveals that 50 percent of travelers choose a vacation rental over a hotel when they travel because of “better amenities,” while 94 percent who have stayed in a rented property were satisfied with the experience. The most popular amenities that travelers are looking for were a kitchen, stunning views, a private pool, free Wi-Fi, and pet-friendly properties, according to a recent study.


9. Privacy – Maybe one of the most important and popular reason travelers prefer vacation homes is privacy. It really is for people who like having their own space. There are no worries about maids coming and going, thin walls, elevator and HVAC noise, or crowded pools.


Coastal Casita Carlsbad Village
Coastal Casita

10. Better for kids – When it comes to hotels, because of their size, most families have to book more than one room to accommodate their children. Most hotels just aren’t geared for families or groups of friends travelling together. And between the expense of eating out and having to book two (or more) rooms to accommodate everyone, you can blow most of your budget before you even get started. It is an easier option to find a vacation home that can satisfy the needs of just about any sized group. In addition, you have access to the essentials (plenty of beds, a crib, bathrooms, and televisions) and you can save a fortune by having at least some of your meals at home.

According to Airdna, Airbnb and Vrbo rentals across the United States have increased by 105% over the past three years propelled by a new wave of travelers looking for more unique and affordable hotel alternatives.


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