For most, the main goal for owning a vacation rental is for the investment and for the extra income it can provide. The thought of putting extra money into an investment property is not ideal to most, but with the right decorating ideas, you will be able to bring more value to your vacation rental and attract a greater number of travelers. And it may not cost as much as you think. See below for five simple changes you can make to spruce up your property.


Increase your ROI
Shelf styling at La Costa Chateau


1: Keep it simple. Less is more has always been my motto when it comes to furnishing and decorating a space. Too much clutter can be overwhelming to a lot of people making an otherwise clean and comfortable space feel busy, messy and dusty. That goes for wall color too. And while it may seem boring to some, plain white walls don’t only go with every color and type of furniture, but also makes a room appear to be larger. Here are some examples of our favorite whites:



OC-65 | Chantilly Lace
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace




OC-17 | White Dove
 Benjamin Moore White Dove




OC-117 | Simply White
Benjamin Moore Simply White


2: Invest in quality bedding. A good night’s rest is important, and travelers want to feel comfortable. By introducing a nice mattress, plush cushions and cozy blankets and sheets will make your visitors feel like they’re at home. And bedding doesn’t have to be expensive. At Haustay, we encourage our property owners to invest in these sheets in white. They are wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant as well as hypoallergenic and if you get them in white, they are easier to clean. Don’t forget that winter vacation bookings call for more or heavier blankets. Fresh bedding goes a long way toward ensuring guest satisfaction, so plan on replacing bedding—including pillows—annually.

3: It is the small details that make a big impact. Consider every aspect of your vacation home equally, and critically evaluate how the space is being used. When a guest arrives, sometimes the first thing they want to do is to charge their cell phone. Have a charging station (preferably next to the bed) with multiple USB ports available so they can charge their phone without having to dig through their luggage for a charger. Equip your shelves or coffee table with tasteful books and visually pleasing—but useful!—accessories, such as maps. Wall-mounted hooks for hanging coats and/or bags and a suitcase stand provide guests with an easy introduction into your property so they can do what they came to do – relax.

4: Provide beautiful, but functional furniture. The furniture is one of the most vital elements in your vacation rental that your guests will observe right away. If the furniture is old or damaged, your property will simply make a bad impression and possibly a lasting impression for your guests to leave a bad review. We find that it is better to buy quality furniture that will make your Airbnb look more luxurious and inviting. Invest in high-end, contract grade furniture that will last. Why contract grade specifically? Contract grade furniture is designed specifically for commercial use. It is made to meet the demands of high traffic areas and is tested for durability, fire retardancy, and other safety standards. West Elm offers contract grade furniture that you can get for a fraction of the cost through HostGPO. We purchase all of our furniture items at a discount through Hostgpo.

What to buy: Round Dining Table, West Elm sofa, Accent chair

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