When you are booking a vacation or weekend getaway, who doesn’t love saving some money. One of the best ways to keep more money in your pocket is by booking direct through Haustay.

When a guest books through AirBnB, VRBO, etc. the guest is paying a middle-man a fee. Sometimes adding an additional 17.2% of costs onto the booking. Costs that the guest ends up paying for. Here is what you end up paying by booking through popular booking channels vs booking direct.

What are Airbnb’s booking fees?

Airbnb splits up what can total of 17.2% in additional costs between the guest and the host. As they disclose on the service fee page of their website, they may charge guests up to an additional 14.2% of the booking cost and they charge the host 3% of the booking costs. Hosts typically increase their nightly rent by 3% to makeup for the commission Airbnb is taking out of the booking. Therefore the guest ends up paying up to an additional 17.2% in additional fees by booking through Airbnb instead of by booking direct with Haustay.

How much does VRBO charge guests and owners?

VRBO charges guest a sliding scale of 4% – 9% and hosts a 5% service fee (if they are on a pay-per-booking fee model) for a potential total of up to 14% in additional costs for a guest booking. Hosts can pay VRBO $499 annually to avoid the 5% commission (which if they generate $10,000.00 per year in VRBO bookings makes since to sign up for). Alternatively, hosts can increase their rate when listing on VRBO by 5% so that they achieve the actual nightly rent they want to secure. With this method the guest ends up paying more than if the guest had booked direct.

What are the fees when using Booking.com?

Booking.com headquartered in Amsterdam and originally used as a platform to book hotel rooms, branched out into the world of short term vacation rentals. They are most popular booking platform globally. Their fee is a flat 15% on top of the guests total cost. 15% savings that could have been secured had the guest booked direct with Haustay.

Let’s compare a booking

Below is an example of if a guest booked our beautifully remodeled listing La Costa Chateau for the Labor Day Weekend (9/3 – 9/7) on Haustay, VRBO, and Airbnb. You can see it would cost the guest $292.88 more to book the same four nights for the same accommodation on VRBO and an additional $204.58 to book the accommodation through Airbnb.

Book Direct With Haustay

By booking your stay with Haustay you save money! Check out our book now page to see the latest properties and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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