To maximize your revenue as a vacation rental owner, you need to offer amenities that are in high demand for guests. There are certain amenities you should always provide and some that are nice, but not necessary. And of course, everyone is different, and some guests want amenities that others don’t necessarily care about.

Location also comes into play as a mountain cabin requires different amenities than a beach house.

To help guide you in your decision making, we’ve put together an amenities list of seven top suggestions for vacation rentals.



1. Pool

Pools are a guest favorite in choosing a vacation rental, of course, that is not always the case for a beach or lake house. Whether it is a private pool in a house or shared pool access in a condo community, offering a pool can increase the bookings significantly.



2. Pet-friendly Properties

These days more and more people own dogs, and they are not just pets, they are part of the family so travelers want to bring their pets along for the adventure as well.

Unfortunately, there not a big percentage of properties that allow pets, for example, if you book through Airbnb, only three percent of the properties are pet-friendly so if you are looking to increase your bookings, this is a good opportunity to add this amenity and for owners to open their homes to pets.

On average, vacation rentals that allow dogs have:

  • 10–20% higher rental income
  • 6% higher overall occupancy

And if you want to make the home even more special here are some extras that can help to go the extra mile with your guests: dog water bowls, a dog bed, waste bags, and chew toys.



3. Hot Tub

Hot tubs are always in high demand. While they don’t take up as much room as a pool or require as big of an investment, they can pay off the moment you decide to add this amenity. It will raise the search results in your property and your annual revenue since guests are willing to pay more for a listing that has a hot tub

A hot tub can add an average of $39 per night or more, depending on the property, to your listing price.



4. Good Internet/WiFi Speed

WIFI is considered one of the top amenities that guests search for.

A vacation rental without high-speed internet is disappointing for any guest.

WIFI is probably the biggest essential in any vacation rental unless guests are specifically seeking to be offline and to disconnect from emails, social media, etc. in a kind of electronics detox mission, otherwise, they’ll be expecting fast and free WIFI right on arrival.


5. Central A/C

Another must-have that guests look for is air conditioning. Staying cool and comfortable during the high temperature months is what everybody wants in the summertime, and this can be a deal breaker the moment to decide to book your place or not.

With summer being the peak season in most destinations, guests will want some assurance they will be able to escape the heat outside.

While many rentals offer many different cooling methods, like powerful ceiling fans, window air conditioning units, or portable AC units, most guests prefer central A/C.



6. Washer & Dryer

Some of the items that differentiate a vacation rental from a hotel are having a washer and dryer onsite and having the luxury to use them at any time during their stay is in high demand.  The same needs or accidents we have at home can also happen on vacation like red wine or sauce spills on your clothes, beach towels getting covered in sand, etc.

The longer the stay, the likelier it is that guests will want to wash clothes, especially if they have kids. A washer and dryer are key for guests who want to avoid dragging around dirty laundry. Not to mention, it’s a bonus for housekeepers to simply toss in linens and towels while they clean the rest of the house.



7. Cozy Fireplace

Fireplaces are in high demand especially in mountain destinations with colder climates. A ski vacation wouldn’t be the same without a cozy fireplace to keep you nice and warm after spending all day in the snow, however, you would be surprised at how many people look for fireplaces in beach houses as well during the winter.

Many guests consider just sitting by the fireplace an essential and relaxing experience during their vacation. Depending on your destination, installing a fireplace can be a worthwhile investment.

If a new wood-burning fireplace isn’t in the budget, consider a lower-cost electric fireplace, which can still provide a warm and cozy vibe.

Below, is a small and practical list of the amenities that a beach house needs:

  • Grill. The number one reason travelers choose vacation rentals over hotels is to have a kitchen so they can cook! 
  • Blender
  • Beach Supplies
  • Direct Beach Access
  • Beach Carts
  • Boat Rentals
  • Firepit
  • Board games 
  • Bicycles
  • Boogie Boards
  • Surf Boards

Other amenities that are not completely necessary but make a big difference are:

  • Coffee maker
  • Kettle
  • A full kitchen (not just a simple kitchenette) especially for the holiday season, is a plus!!
  • Free Parking
  • Set of wine glasses
  • TV streaming and cable 
  • Heating system
  • Electrical adapters and chargers
  • Hair dryer
  • Local maps and guidebooks

We hope this article gives you a good assessment of what kind of amenities guests search for before making a reservation. Anything we missed? Leave us a comment below!

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