Take A Seat For the Dolphin Show!

The high flying acrobatics of the dolphin show is a must-see when visiting SeaWorld. The shows run a few times a day and the stadium fills up quickly. Plan on arriving to a show between 15-30 minutes before start time to get a good seat. You won’t want to miss the show as the dolphins are very entertaining and the grand finale presents you with many more dolphins then you thought were there!

The first ten rows or so are the “Wet Zone” where the dolphins splash guests and you may get wet! It is funny to watch other people get splashed but depending on the weather, you may want to seek dryer seating higher up.

If you want guaranteed seating in the center of the auditorium you can purchase “Reserved Seating” as an add-on for around $15-20 per ticket from SeaWorld. The reserved seating will be good all day and can be used at any of the shows. We recommend the add-on if it is in your budget.

Don’t Miss The Killer Whale Experience

Another popular must-see attraction is the Killer Whale (or Orca) show! The backdrop is a large modern LED screen architecturally integrated into a faux North West U.S. landscape. The show is educational and entertaining. The 6,000 to 8,000 lb orcas make quite the splash when they kick their tale at the splash zone! Choose your seats wisely and have fun!

Go Deep Into The Shark Tunnel!

The indoor shark exhibit is a fun area to explore. The instagram moment is of course the shark tunnel! As you walk through the exhibit you start walking down a ramp. The ramp ends at the opening of a tunnel. In the tunnel you feel immersed in the shark tank, with 180 degree views of the tank. Some sharks can look scary with their jagged teeth while other sharks just look cool.

Visit the Belugas & Walrus in the Wild Arctic

One of the newer indoor experiences in SeaWorld San Diego is the Wild Arctic. You enter a well decorated structure that greets you with sounds and sights mimicking an arctic outpost. As you go through the exhibit you will encounter the all white beluga whales and the walrus. If you really love Beluga Whales or Walruses and want to see them up close you can book a close encounter with SeaWorld. At around $50 per encounter it is not cheap, but for animal lovers the price may be worth the once in a lifetime experience.

Waddle with the Penguins

Right next to the Wild Artic you will find the Antarctica penguin exhibit. A mix of outdoor and indoors there are over 100 penguins hanging out and swimming around. It is a quick exhibit and you see a lot of penguins, so it may be worth a quick visit.

Kiddos Will Love The Rides In Sesame Street Bay of Play

Abby’s Sea Star Spin pictured above is SeaWorld’s version of Disneyland’s tea cups. Get the family together and spin around with Abby from Sesame Street. After you are done spinning around, right next door is Elmo’s Flying Fish which is just like the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. Grab your favorite Elmo and up you go into the air. Right next to these rides you will find the Sesame Street area which is great for the little ones!

Pet the Bat Rays!

In the Bat Ray Shallows (right next to the Manta Ray rollercoaster) you can pet the Bat Rays. Don’t worry the Bat Rays don’t have stingers. Families will enjoy discussing what the Bat Rays feel like when touched with their kids. There is also a kiosk where you can purchase food to feed the Bat Rays.

Do You Have Accommodations Yet?

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