5 haunted places to visit on your vacation in san diego

5 Haunted Places to Visit on Your Vacation to San Diego

San Diego is known as America’s Finest City for a reason. It’s mild climate, must-see attractions, and culture help it to live up to its name. If you happen to visit San Diego around Halloween or anytime for that matter and want a little scare, be sure to visit to one of these five locations…

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How To Maximize Your ROI: 5 Rental Changes You Must Make

For most, the main goal for owning a vacation rental is for the investment and for the extra income it can provide. The thought of putting extra money into an investment property is not ideal to most, but with the right decorating ideas, you will be able to bring more value to your vacation rental…

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Vacation Rental Grinch

Vacation Rental Scams: 5 Ways To Avoid Them

As vacation rental hosts, we have unfortunately experienced a vacation rental scam first-hand. We want to share with you our story, to help you avoid vacation rentals scams like this in the future. Here is the story of the vacation rental Grinch who stole Christmas. Around Christmas time of 2019 the unimaginable happened to us…

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Vacation Rental Carlsbad

10 Reasons To Choose A Vacation Rental Over A Hotel In San Diego!

When it comes to travel trends, vacation rentals have been and are still on the rise in popularity and resorts and hotels are not making the cut anymore. Travelers worldwide are looking for a more authentic, individual and unique experience at their destination and go for vacation rentals. From private houses or even a shared…

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How Should You Hold Title To Your Vacation Rental Property?

The information contained herein is for general information purposes only. Haustay, Inc. (“Haustay”) does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice and does not make any warranties of any kind about the completeness or accuracy of this information.  Any action you take upon the information contained herein is strictly at your own risk.  It will…

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Why Hire A Property Manager For Your Vacation Rental?

When you first start off as a vacation rental host it is often fun, new, and exciting. Overtime though you may start to ask yourself questions such as: Is managing the vacation rental the best use of my time? Are there other things I would enjoy more than spending time managing my vacation rental property?…

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A Local’s Guide to Carlsbad

If you haven’t visited Carlsbad, California, think of it as San Diego’s fun cousin to the North. It has all that San Diego has to offer with a beachy, small-town feel. Carlsbad’s proximity to the ocean makes for sunny days paired with a comfortable mild climate. You could not ask for a better weather combo…

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