Why Haustay Vacation Rentals?

At Haustay Vacation Rentals we currently manage oceanfront vacation rentals in Solana Beach, California, such as the perfectly remodeled three-bedroom property in Seascape Sur, a beautiful one-bedroom property we call Del Mar Shores , and a two-bedroom unobstructed oceanview condo we call Sea + Sol located in the Solana Beach & Tennis Club community. The oceanfront condos perched up over the beautiful bluffs of Solana Beach offer guests a memorable experience for the perfect vacation getaway. Who better to manage your vacation rental in the Solana Beach than a local Solana Beach vacation rental market expert?

What Is Unique About Vacation Rentals In Solana Beach, California?

Many vacation rentals in Solana Beach, California are condominiums located along S Sierra Avenue adjacent to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Managing condos of older construction that use shared plumbing, and other shared amenities within the condominium community, comes with its own unique set of challenges. Challenges that Haustay Vacation Rentals has experience managing. Other vacation rental options are beautiful single family homes located throughout Solana Beach.

Solana Beach stands out as a beach city with a wonderful culture. The Cedros Avenue Design District is home to legendary music venue the BellyUp, amazing art galleries such as Aaron Chang’s Ocean Art, and comforting coffee from Lofty Coffee.

The City of Solana Beach is unique in that it is one of the few cities along coastal San Diego that does not have a direct transit occupancy tax (“TOT”) collection agreement with AirBnB and VRBO. What this means is that hosts (a task Haustay takes care of for property owners) with bookings through AirBnB and VRBO have to manually submit TOT tax monthly to the City of Solana Beach.

Why Choose Haustay Vacation Rentals Over Out-Of-Market Competitors?

When you are choosing a company you are going to trust to manage your vacation rental, with Haustay you are choosing founders who are invested in your success. Nick & Elisa Foster, the founders of Haustay Vacation Rentals, will personally oversee the management of your Solana Beach vacation rental and their success depends on the success of your property!

When engaging an out-of-market property manager not headquartered in North County San Diego, you will typically be working with a company that will assign you an employee to manage your property. We recently had a Solana Beach property owner switch from one of the bigger companies to our boutique sized firm because they were assigned four employees in one year. The property owner got tired of having to re-educate employees time and time again due to turnover in the property management company. They switched to Haustay because they wanted to work with principals who could provide them a consistent peace-of-mind service. Removing the anxiety and worry of who is actually managing their property.

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